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GPP Services

Because GMP requires Great Process Protection!

“You’ve got a promising lead candidate and a mandate to proceed.  We reduce risk for your timeline, and your budget, by providing a predictable path to the clinic.  Your CDMO will thank you!”

It’s time to advance that promising drug candidate into a promising drug product!  Once your CDMO is selected the production schedule will be locked in based on their availability and some high level estimates and assumptions. Your team may be incredibly competent and flexible, but Tech Transfer is an intricate process where complications cause expensive delays and the occasional compromise.  

Get GMP-prepared with GPP!  Our menu of Services is designed to reveal and remove the pain points that keep project managers up at night.  Know before you go and allow your CDMO partner to focus on a smooth, predictable production campaign.  

Proving runs to demonstrate the performance of your process.  

Purification development to meet purity and yield requirements. 

Material generation to provide ample, well characterized protein for consistent bench and pre-clinical investigations.  Formulated (and reformulated) to order.

Reference standard banks for analytical assay transfer and qualifications. 

Preliminary studies for formulation, stability and viral clearance.

Contact us to select the CMC Services you need, priced right so you can proceed on your IND journey quickly and confidently!  Missed your chance to prepare in advance?  We can work in parallel with your CDMO to solve problems and keep your production on schedule, after all, they're our Clients too!

We now provide shake-flask and wave bag for transient and stable cell expression up to 10L.  We would also be glad to outsource production, or utilize your existing harvest materials, for our GPP services.

Stay tuned for future developments in 2024: bioreactor capabilities.