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McNeil Scientific Contracting

“As an independent contractor, we have the freedom to provide a customized approach, with insight and perspective that feels more like a partnership or an extension of your own department.  We understand the need for contingencies, and the value of conclusive results.”

Perhaps You Are...

Evaluating Novel Technology

A Virtual Company

A Life Science Start-up

Suddenly Shorthanded

And You Need...

To develop and protect your IP

Occasional laboratory support

To demonstrate feasibility 
To maintain throughput

McNeil Scientific is here to help!

We've got the skills and experience to execute your important project while keeping the bigger picture in mind - your future success.  We drive your project forward to surpass your company's goals and expectations.  Frequent communications keep you abreast of developments, so we can adapt our continuing efforts to provide the most value to your program.

Our contract labs also provide long term support for your company, to provide on-demand services at an hourly rate.  Please inquire to find out more.

Some of our Contracting projects include:

Purification of recombinants and mAbs
Analytical testing and development
Material storage and distribution 
Protein modifications, Fab, F(ab’)2, X-linking
Rework: endotoxin/aggregate removal
Intellectual Property creation and support
And… More! Just Ask!