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McNeil Scientific
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Marlborough, MA
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Your new biologics service provider!

McNeil Scientific is an Independent CRO laboratory providing exceptional support for the Biotech community, and beyond, for over 15 yearsR&D, Process Development, pre-Clinical preps. We’ve established our professional reputation in the Boston area on a wide range of projects centered around recombinant proteins/mAbs and related disciplines.

Choose from our three service categories for the practical solution(s) that complement your needs:

Our Labs are Your Labs!

GMP Production Preparation

Comprehensive Industry Experience
Fast. Responsive. Reliable. Practical. Productive.

Is MSC for you?

Virtual Companies/Entrepreneurs - You need a lab, equipment and expertise to execute feasibility studies, generate clean protein preparations for bench and pre-clinical studies, shipping and receiving, product storage... the list goes on.  

Small Companies and Startups - Don't hire permanent staff for a temporary requirement.  Create that reagent, design that assay, develop your process, prepare for that upcoming IND.  Customize your experience - we are an independent laboratory that works for you. 

Established Companies - Keep your pipeline in line.  We generate high-quality preps in quantity, with consistent characteristics so you can compare construct to construct across the board.  Feed your hungry program with formulated protein allocated for every department and collaborator.

Consultants - You know what needs to be done.  Someone should do it.  Now would be a good time. Bring a new dimension to your Know-How by adding Can-Do!  Investigations, gaps, that nagging question - your wish list becomes a reality with MSC.

CDMOs -  We have decades of experience on a variety of programs from bench to production.  Our GPP Services are designed to address common unknowns, reduce risks, and allow you to stay on budget and on schedule.  Keep your clients happy and those meetings productive.

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